Welcome to Lyndon. On this website we want to share with you as much about Lyndon as we can because we are immensely proud of our school and students.
Lyndon is a happy, caring school with high expectations for all students. We want every child to become a success and to achieve their very best. We believe that success can be captured by hard work, perseverance and partnership.
Lyndon is a Trust school, working together in partnership with higher education providers, as well as successful businesses and community partners. These partnerships provide students with a wealth of experiences and opportunities that are unique to Lyndon. Within school and through these partnerships we encourage our students to have high aspirations and to become positive, disciplined and respectful role models.
We hope you are interested in finding out more about our school and the staff, students and I am delighted to introduce you to Lyndon School.

Mr A Butt
Head Teacher

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